FLOCS Overview of Child Care Management Program Evaluation

OCCM Questionaire

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  • Much LessLessAbout the SameGreaterMuch Greater
  • Much lessLessAbout the sameGreaterMuch greater
  • DailyWeeklyMonthlyRarelyNever
  • DailyWeeklyMonthlyRarelyNever
  • I never really figured it out.I had some strugglesI really can't compareTook a while to get, but I figured it outEasy to Understand
  • I no longer need itI no longer want itI ill apply in the futureI already applied, but have not received it.I already received it.
  • Current DirectorCurrent Assistant DirectorPreschool teacherNot currently in the preschool industry but plan to returnNo longer in the preschool industry with no plans to return
  • I have enrolled in a college/universityI plan to attend a college/university in the futureI am content where I am

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