Many Christian educators have expressed an interest to become individual members of ILCS and FLOCS. We believe Christian educators benefit personally and professionally when joining such a professional association. Annual membership also fulfills the condition of some state education credentials which require membership in a recognized professional association.

Membership benefits include:

      • Subscription: Individual members will receive regular LCS communications.
      • Discounts: Members qualify for discounts that are extended to regular school membership, creating a powerful purchasing tool.
      • Participation: Members may participate in any regularly offered LCS professional training, including the Annual Educators Conference, Professional Educational Competencies (PEC), Child Care Professional Certificate (CCPC), and Child Care Management (CCM). Additionally, member’s children may participate in any LCS sponsored activity including Encounter, LCS Festival for Academics and the Arts.*
      • Certificate:  Members will receive an impressive Certificate of Membership to display in their classroom or office.
        *Some activities (like Encounter) require pre-approval due to necessary supervisory and chaperon requirements. Transportation is the responsibility of the parent.

Call us 800-961-9645 Ext. 251, or use the contact from on our website: https://www.LCS.Education/contact/

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