• Login to the portal with the credentials you were provided
    • If you have not received credentials, please contact Lyndsay Roth and request them.
    • If you have lost your password, click the “Lost Password” link to receive an email link to reset.
  • LCS Dashboard – once logged in, you can click the “League of Christian Schools” logo to see the LCS Dashboard.
    • Schools – you can select this option to see all the schools that have been assigned to you as an inspector. When you hover over a school, you can see options to view school info (including contact and address), files, messages, and internal notes that are shared between ILCS office staff, the head inspector, and you only.
    • HUB Pages – disabled for now
    • Portal Pages – The portal page is the gateway to your schools. When you select to preview a school’s Portal Page, you will find basic information. On the right hand side, you can choose a different school, or select a resource (like the inspection form).
    • Files – This allows you to upload and manage files that are shared between you, ILCS, and your schools. To upload, simply click “Upload a File.” Once you select your file and click upload, you can select your share options by choosing “Assign to School”, or “Assign to Circle.” Files shared with a school will ONLY be shared with you and the school. Files shared with Circles will be shared with ALL schools in that circle (i.e. Preschools is ALL preschools!)
    • Estimates/Invoices – This is a great feature that allows you to create an invoice for mileage. Create a new invoice and add an item. In the item detail, input the miles you drove in the quantity box. The form will tabulate. You can then assign the invoice to your school so they can access the invoice and pay.


Thank you for uploading your file. LCS staff have been notified.